My 3 Amiga A500s


I bought 3 of these models over the years. One was used.

I expanded one by adding a daughter board giving it 1.5 megs of video ram. I don’t exactly remember the total ram, but I think it was 3 megs. The other two had the more standard 0.5 megs video ram, and 1 megabyte of fast memory.

The A500 didn’t come with a hard drive. Every boot was from a 880 kilobyte floppy disk, 3.5 inch. I wound up buying lots of blank disks from a company that sold them in bulk. I made boot disks for different uses.

I used this one much more extensively than the rest of my Amiga computers.

I remember people laughing at having to use two separate types of memory… I also remember when video cards, using their own memory, came out for Windows computers.

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