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I used ftpmail to get uuencoded files, in multiple parts, that were joined up and uudecoded. I’ll detail how this was done, back in 1988, in a later article. This method of getting files probably went away over 20 years ago.

After I started buying Amiga computer magazines, I found a catalog request for a disk compilation of public domain and shareware programs. These were on over one hundred 3.5 floppy disks. Each floppy disk contained several untilities, and other useful programs, maybe even some games.

I never got the entire set due to finances not being good after I graduated for university. Then I received a letter saying they were shutting down due to the collapse of CBM.

I think these were Aminet 3.5 inch floppies, but I’m uncertain.

It was done by Fred Fish.

I haven’t looked into these to check them, but I was pointed to this depository of them.


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The hard drives I had, for the A3000, were SCSI drives. I don’t remember the number of pins, but it wasn’t the same as those for a UNIX, or unix, computer, at the time.

I’ll have to open my computer up and see what the quantity is. I think it was 52. These are about 3 inches wide. The ones in my Amiga are 52 megabytes and 105 megabuytes.

While I wanted to buy other things for my Amiga computers, this was about it.

As I remember it, the biggest hard drive the Amiga could handle, MC68000, was 1 gigabyte. One went on sale about 1992. They wanted $7,000 for it. I don’t think shipping was included. I never bought one as I couldn’t afford it, and that was way over priced as far as I’m concerned.

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A store and forward email list. I could send an email to the server, and all on the list got an email. I lost track of it over the years, and recently tried to sign up via their web site. Its been over a month, no contact.

So guys, if you are still out there, the list manager should look at my sub attempt and sign me up.

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This was the first Amiga computer I ever owned. Note that this computer is from an American company, Commodore Business Machines. I have spotted a few places around the internet where people claim otherwise.

My first encouner with this machine was good. Multiple colors, stereo sound, a mouse, a good keyboard.

The monitor I got for it was the CBM 1084 RGB color monitor.

I used the AmigaBASIC software to write a number of programs for it.

Before that I had owned, and used, a Sinclair ZX-81 with 1 kilobyte of ram. Yes, one kilobyte. With that, and the tokenized BASIC that came with it, I was able to write a dice roller program for my paper and pencil games I played.

It rolled in 1 side increments, from 1 to 1,000,000 sides. I could type in adds per die, or adds for the total roll of dice.\r\n\r\nI wrote a similar program using AmigaBASIC.

I didn’t make any modifications to this computer.

Inside case photos:

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